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QuickCALC offers a simple way to digitize areas, lengths and quantities and to transfer these values to ANY Windows program. A subset of the QuickCALC software provides the digitizing capability for our QuickEST estimating system. QuickCALC stores the takeoff values in a grid allowing you to review and reuse prior values. The QuickCALC grid allows quick unit conversion by selecting a unit to convert to from a drop down list. The converted value appears as a second value in the grid. Either value may be placed in the Windows Paste Buffer by simply clicking on the value in the grid. It is then available to Paste into any Windows Program.

QuickCALC shows a graphic view of the plan area and allows you to select the line width, color and style prior to takeoff. All takeoff areas and lines are shown in the graphic view as well as in the grid and may be deleted if required. The Takeoff of Quantities allows you to select an Icon to appear on the graphic view to represent the item being counted. You may add to the Icon library, as required, and use familiar symbols such as anchor bolt settings, duplux electrical outputs, etc. The count of the Icons appears in the grid, ready to transfer to your windows program. Both the graphic view and the grid may be printed, as required.

QuickCALC installs with a Base System, and two optional modules, as follows:

  • The Base Module allows takeoff from a digitizer, as described above.
  • The Estimate Module allows you to develop your own outline structure, to organize your takeoff, and to optionally link the takeoff items to cells in your Excel Spreadsheet. Linked Items provide calculation capability from takeoff values and extension of the calculated values into your Excel Spreadsheet. When you link your QuickCALC outline to Excel, the Excel Estimate is automatically loaded and updated as you do your QuickCALC takeoff.
  • The OnScreen Takeoff Module, available in late 2009, will allow you to perform takeoff, using your mouse, from scaled DWG format drawings. The takeoff values are placed in the QuickCALC grid and may be transferred to any Windows program, as described above.

To view the brochure you must have installed the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Download the software brochure and take a good look at QuickCALC. (pdf @ 200kb)