CustomerCare & Support Options

To best meet the needs and budgets of our customers, Constructive Computing offers three support plans that cover our entire product line. Each plan is designed to provide high quality service that satisfies unique client requirements.

Customer Care Plans

We offer three types of CustomerCare Plans for each of our products:

  • Gold Plan – Toll free plan
  • Silver Plan – Regular support plan
  • Bronze Plan – Updates only plan
CustomerCare Product & Technical Support Chart
Support Coverage Gold Silver Bronze
Unlimited email support Yes Yes No
Unlimited toll-free telephone support Yes No No
Non-toll free telephone support Yes Yes per incident cost
Online technical support Yes Yes No
Knowledge Base & Product Forums Yes Yes No
Product updates Yes Yes Yes
Support coverage is Monday–Friday 8:00am–5:00pm CST

Each support plan covers a single product at a single location. Additional products or locations may be added to your plan for an additional cost. The Gold and Silver plans provide unlimited telephone support. Gold provides a toll free telephone number as contrasted to Silver where you pay for your own calls. The Bronze plan provides the latest product updates but telephone support is provided at a per incident cost.


  • Uses a searchable database to assist in the answering of questions and resolving common problems
  • Provides information on system requirements and best practices
  • Maintained by our support staff

Product Forums

  • Review posts, ask questions, and participate in online discussions that address product issues
  • Customers, dealers, and the Constructive Computing staff contribute to the Forums daily

Product Updates

  • Provides access to the latest software updates
  • Provides release notes for all products detailing new features & bug fixes for each product release

Log in to access your CustomerCare account, if you don't have your ID & password contact us for the information.

If you're interested in product training, please visit our Calendar page for the latest schedule.